Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MaHDD Energy Upgrades

MaHDD Energy Radio Logo
The MaHDD Energy™ Show

MaHDD Energy™ Gains Momentum

Faster than could be imagined, the  MaHDD Energy™ brand™ is steadily gaining traction in the Atlanta area and online.  

Boasting an approximate 525% increase over the lowest recorded month of listenership, the radio station continues to retain and acquire engaged listeners.

There are two shows under the MaHDD Energy™ umbrella.   The Swankie Don hosts MaHDD Energy Radio every morning during the week (except Wednesdays) from 8:00AM EST. to 12:00PM EST.    The show is also broadcasted on ATL Xclusive Radio during this time.

The show's host, the Swankie Don, shares his deeply comforting voice and provides supportive companionship and encouragement while spinning fresh and new music to listeners on the way to work or doing other tasks while listening to the show.  The Swankie Don, aka., Shawn "Danskie" Ryan, is an international artist/DJ from Antigua.  His music, including the  recent 2014 release, Tek It To Dem, is available via CDBaby and other online distributors. 
King Danskie aka The Swankie Don

On Saturdays, the Swankie Don broadcasts the MaHDD Energy Show via Atlanta's Incredible Radio, WIGO 1570AM.  WIGO provides Caribbean-American programming on Saturdays beginning from 12:00 PM with Lady D.  The MaHDD Energy Show is from 4PM to 6PM EST.

Wednesdays also finds the Swankie Don broadcasting from 6PM EST to 9PM EST on ATL Xclusive Radio, the heartbeat of the streets.  All shows are recorded and available from the MahDD Energy website.

Show Schedule Summary:

MaHDD Energy Radio:  08:00 AM to 12:00PM  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
MaHDD Energy Show:  06:00 PM to 09:00PM Wednesdays - ATL XClusive Radio 
MaHDD Energy Show:  04:00 PM to 6:00PM - Saturdays - WIGO 1570

To learn more about the MaHDD Energy and the services it provides, visit the website at http://www.mahdd.com.  The press kit can be found at this link.

MaHDD Energy and King Danskie are trademarks of AOWR Media LLC.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

MAHDD Energy Radio - Intro

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time coming but the old faithful and true MaHDD Energy Mix Show is now being replaced.  The new show is, wait for it, MaHDD Energy Radio.  Yep, not that far from the original show but this was the goal all along. 

The first episode, Soca Jams can be experienced directly from this page if you click on the widget below.  Stay tuned and keep updated with AOWR Media and all the exciting things we have planned for this and the coming year! 

The Show will be hosted by King Danskie with occasional assistance from Candy.  New podcast episodes will be posted weekly between Sunday and Tuesday.  Live broadcasts are also in the making so lots of activity in store.

As we continue pushing on and never, ever, giving up, we encourage you to do the same. 

Until next time, Blessed Love!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our New Podcasts

Thanks To Those Who Made it Possible
Yay!! Our first podcast was recorded and published today.  We would like to thank quite a bit of people who work behind the scenes to make these things happen.  As Lawrence M's would say on his show, "you all know who you are."  Thank You!

The MahDD Energy Series - On Spreaker
Our current series, appropriately named the MahDD Energy Mix, will feature a varied selection of songs from King Danskie and other artists with whom he has collaborated with.  It is primarily hosted by Candy, our special personality who has devoted her time and energy to make this happen.  We think she is quite unique and brings a special flavor to the show.  Click the arrow below to listen to the preview show.
If the link above does not cooperate, click here to go directly to the Spreaker Website site.  We appreciate any feedback you offer.

The MahDD Energy Show- Antigua Version
King Danskie will be live on Variety Radio 102.3 FM beginning today,  6/24/2012 from Noon to 2:00 PM.  AOWR Publishing will do its best to have the show recorded from Antigua so you can experience the energy directly from the Swanky Don himself.  If you're in Antigua, be sure to tune in.  

We are very excited about this series and look forward to your continued support though Carnival and beyond.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sneaky Freak Video Stills (High Res)


AOWR Publishing Characteristics
First off, any music and works, digital businesses or services managed that is associated with AOWR Publishing, must have some flavor of unique, healthy quirkiness to it. Frankly, it makes for more fun.  Life is short and we intend to enjoy the heck out of it.  In today's homogeneous music world it is difficult to find such uniqueness but we have verifiable proof it exists.

The Attitude
One of our first partners, Antigua-born Danskie, has overcome amazing odds to be where he is today. Details we will save for another day but for now we focus on the attitude. This artist possesses a dominant spirit of persistence and passion that is reflected in every last one of his songs. Throughout more than 25 years of criticism, negativity, failures and wins, he has remained positive about his career and has never ceased to create unique, catchy music. With severely restricted resources, technological challenges, and younger talent competing every year, it is quite amazing that he has remained committed to this art-form. Danskie is quite wise, extremely patient, is grateful for his accomplishments, and is highly enthusiastic about his craft.

Artist Characteristics and Work
King Danskie
Energetic, uniquely creative, enthusiastic, persistent, exciting, never a dull moment, funny, intelligent and his own coined word, swankie, are all words and phrases that describes Danskie, aka King Danskie, aka Shawn Ryan. This partner's quote is, "nothing beats a failure more than a trial."  Not surprisingly, this saying perfectly aligns with AOWR's underlying mantra, "never, ever give up."

The Why
Danskie's work incorporates a profound expression of his musical flare.  Many times edgy, this artist says his music is an interpretation of his experience.  For this reason, the music never becomes boring nor sounds the same.  Danskie actively lives by his own wise words, "remain true to yourself, love yourself and embrace the natural creativity that follows."  This fits like a puzzle into AOWR Publishing's stance.  Why?  We absolutely thrive on unique quirkiness--something we believe that must be embraced in order to flourish.  We welcome Danskie as a partner to AOWR Publishing.  For more information about this artist, check out his website and  Facebook page.