Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our New Podcasts

Thanks To Those Who Made it Possible
Yay!! Our first podcast was recorded and published today.  We would like to thank quite a bit of people who work behind the scenes to make these things happen.  As Lawrence M's would say on his show, "you all know who you are."  Thank You!

The MahDD Energy Series - On Spreaker
Our current series, appropriately named the MahDD Energy Mix, will feature a varied selection of songs from King Danskie and other artists with whom he has collaborated with.  It is primarily hosted by Candy, our special personality who has devoted her time and energy to make this happen.  We think she is quite unique and brings a special flavor to the show.  Click the arrow below to listen to the preview show.
If the link above does not cooperate, click here to go directly to the Spreaker Website site.  We appreciate any feedback you offer.

The MahDD Energy Show- Antigua Version
King Danskie will be live on Variety Radio 102.3 FM beginning today,  6/24/2012 from Noon to 2:00 PM.  AOWR Publishing will do its best to have the show recorded from Antigua so you can experience the energy directly from the Swanky Don himself.  If you're in Antigua, be sure to tune in.  

We are very excited about this series and look forward to your continued support though Carnival and beyond.

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  1. The podcasts are currently being pre-recorded. They will be posted weekly on Monday--Tuesday the latest.